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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

The Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) was created by the Government of Vanuatu in 2017. The objective of the Plan is to create local jobs, stimulate the economy, facilitate and attract overseas investors. The programme is fully endorsed and guaranteed by the government of Vanuatu, that means, the potential investors can trust that they’re entering a legitimate and state-backed agreement.

As the only Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) of its type in the Asia Pacific Hemisphere, Vanuatu Citizenship is as unique, as it is valuable to hold. Citizenship by investment in Vanuatu is available to applicants who invest from $130,000 (single applicant) into a local development fund and $180,000 for a family of four, plus other fees.

The Country

The Republic of Vanuatu, the undiscovered Pacific gem, is in the South Pacific. The Y-shaped Pacific Archipelago of 83 islands is halfway point between Australia and New Zealand, that are hardly visible to the world. However, the advantages of a Vanuatu passport and the simple and hassle free CBI program make the country demanding for people looking for second citizenship.

Vanuatu was previously named the “New Hebrides”. It gained Independence from the UK/France in 1970 and became The Republic of Vanuatu in 1980. The administrative capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila, located on the island of Efate. The country has an approximate population of 280,000 with a diversity of languages spoken such as French, English and Bislama. The country is a member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, Non-Aligned Movement, Organization international de la Francophonie, Pacific Community, Pacific Islands Forum, United Nations and World Trade Organization. Vanuatu is also a member of the International Maritime Organization and is recognized as a “flag of convenience” nation. The county is ranked in the Top 5 of the Happy Planet Index (latest ranking 2016).

Why Vanuatu?

One of the first reasons investors consider second citizenship generally, and Vanuatu specifically, is global mobility. Vanuatu citizens can enjoy visa-free travel to over 125+ countries including to the EU (Schengen), UK, Russia, and fast track or friendly treatment from Commonwealth countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The country is 2.5 hours’ flight from Australia and 3.5 hours’ flight from New Zealand.

The Vanuatu Government has no political enemies or disputes with anyone and is very far from The United States of America and Europe. The Republic of Vanuatu imposes no income, wealth, or inheritance taxes, and guarantees banking and commercial privacy in the highly-developed Vanuatu banking sector.

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship and there is no requirement to visit or reside to retain a passport. Citizenship is hereditary and an Oath Swearing Ceremony can be arranged in convenient locations around the world. There is no language requirement and due diligence is conducted on all applicants who must have a clear criminal record. The citizenship is open to most nationalities.

When you consider Vanuatu, you can obtain a citizenship sooner than you imagined, securing your future along with your family. The main advantage of Vanuatu CBI is; the short term of due diligence check period. This reduces the process of obtaining citizenship and you can get your passport within 2-3 months. After you acquire a Vanuatu passport/citizenship, you get keys to the world, we may say


Applicants must be over the age of 18 and below 65 when submitting their application. Applicants should have no less than USD 500,000 of net personal assets when submitting their application, of which at least USD 250,000 in banking assets.


  • Have a clean personal background and no criminal record.
  • Submit the required documentation.
  • Fulfil payment of government and due diligence fees.
  • Fulfil the investment required by the programme.
  • Successfully pass the government background check.

Advantages and benefits of a Vanuatu Citizenship

  • Simple and quick due diligence.
  • Travel to 125+ visa-free countries, including the UK and the Schengen Area.
  • Fast application process - from 2 months.
  • Allows to have several citizenships and gives full privacy to potential citizens.
  • The country has a friendly tax system.
  • Parents (56 and older) and children (up to 25) can obtain citizenship together with an investor.
  • The ability to inherit citizenship.
  • Information on obtaining citizenship is not disclosed to third parties.
  • Stable, peaceful country – does not even have Regular Armed Forces.
  • An English/French speaking British Commonwealth Member Country.
  • The only Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program of its kind in the Asia Pacific Hemisphere.
  • A stunning tropical island nation – both for tourism and living.
  • Tremendous economic growth prospects and investment opportunities.

Fees and other costs

In addition to the above fees, investors are required to pay due diligence fees, application fees, certificate fees, passport fees, Commissioner Oath fees and immigration offices fee.

Apart from obtaining a passport, Real-21 can help you get a driver’s license, registration address (utility bill), local telephone number. We can also help you open a bank account and register a company.

Schedule a no obligation individual consultation with a Vanuatu citizenship expert today. Or if Vanuatu is not for you, find our other options for you. Your information is safe with us and will not be shared with any third parties.

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