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Dive into Europe’s First Underwater Sculpture Museum

August 5, 2018: Divers looking for a truly unique experience in the Caribbean should head to Grenada and explore the world’s first underwater sculpture. The Sculpture park, opened in 2006 is situated on the sandy ocean floor in the barren Molinere Bay.

There are over sixty-five concrete individual sculptures covering an area of over 800 square meters and in total weight around 15 tons in dry cement. The sculptures are in clear, shallow waters and can be easily seen by divers, snorkelers, and those in glass-bottomed boats.

This under water gallery is the brainchild of Jason Taylor. The sculptor is born to an English father and Guyanese mother. He is an award-winning underwater photographer, experienced scuba diver and sculptor with extraordinary talent.

The park is open daily and the sculptures are located in 5ft to 30 ft. deep water. Visitors to the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park can purchase a day pass (wristband) from the Ministry of Fisheries. Snorkelers and divers can get their paid tickets and have fun here. If you organize the visit via a dive or tour company, the fees will be typically included in your price.

The destination is accessible via boat from the main port of St. Georges or Grand Anse Bay on the West coastline. It is roughly a 10-minute boat ride from St Georges and 15 minutes from Grand Anse. It can also be reached by land, by walking down to Dragon bay and following the beach down in a southerly direction.


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