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Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Program was established in 2015 under the regulations of the Citizenship by Investment Bill 2015 making it the most recent addition to the Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) in the Caribbean region.

Country Profile
Capital and Largest City : Castries
Official Language: English
Total Area : 617 Sq. km
Ethnic Groups : White, Black, Mixed, Others
Government : Parliamentary Democracy under Constitutional Monarchy
Population : 185, 868 (as of January 1, 2016)
Time Zone: : UTC-4
Currency : East Caribbean Dollar
Exchange Rate : US$ 1.00 = 2.70 EC$
GDP Per Capita : 6,847.6 (2014)
Climate: Tropical
Location : Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago

Investment Options

Saint Lucia has undergone a recent amendment to the CIP Regulations, to make the programme more competitive, such as the US$3 Million qualifying threshold has been removed, Donations are now US$100,000.00 down from US$200,000.00, the 500 limit for citizenships per year has been removed. Further, there is no need to ever come on island or venture from your current location as the Oath of Allegiance can now be taken in writing before an Ambassador, Honorary Consul, Attorney or Notary.

There are the options of 4 qualifying investments:

  • Real Estate - minimum US$300,000.00
  • Enterprise - minimum US$3.5 Million into a business venture
  • Bonds - minimum US$500,000.00
  • Donation - minimum US$100,000.00 [Revised from $200,000 effective 1st January 2017]

At the moment what is immediately available are Donations and Bonds and yes also Enterprise if you want to consider some type of physical investment.

Please note when filling out the Forms you can opt for a qualifying investment which is presently available and when we get the approval you can then change to another qualifying investment which is available. The application process is anticipated to take a maximum of 3 to 8 Months, once all documents submitted are compliant. Iranians citizens are no longer able to apply (regardless of their current country of residence), due to problems conducting due diligence checks, and banking restrictions.

The following fees would be required in the First Stage to submit the Forms


  • Pay the requisite non-refundable Government Processing and due diligence Fees upon application.

First Stage Summary

  • Completed Application and supporting documents
  • Government processing and Due Diligence Fee
  • Agent Fees


Once the application for Citizenship by Investment has been approved, only then you would be required to pay the Qualifying Investment of your choice and the applicable Government Fees

For Real Estate or Enterprise the Applicable Processing and Due Diligence Fee has to be paid along with the Administration Fee Below

Then Depending on your qualifying investment the following investment would have to be made


DONATION Investment starts at $100,00o for single applicant. Please note that the Government Administration Fees are inclusive, so you do not have to pay the Government Administration Fees above, just the Processing and Due Diligence Fees which are paid upfront.

To Summarise the Fees:

First Stage:

  • Government processing and Due Diligence Fee
  • Agent Fees

Second Stage:

After approval Government Administration fee (For Bonds, Real Estate or Enterprise Investment)

If it is a Donation/National Economic Fund the Government Administration Fees are Inclusive and just the qualifying investment needs to be made as follows:

Donation to National Economic Fund a total of $100,000.00 for single applicant

Bonds a total of $500,000.00 for Single applicant

Conditions under which Citizenship by Investment Decisions may be Revoked

Citizenship by Investment once granted, may be revoked subject only to the provisions of section 38 (1) of the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015, on the following grounds:

  • 1. “ Such registration as a citizen was obtained by false representation or fraud or willful concealment of material facts; or
  • 2. the person has been convicted of an offence; or
  • 3. the person has performed any other act which, within the opinion of the Minister, has the potential to bring disrepute to Saint Lucia.”

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